Automatic Membrane Filter Press
Membrane Filter Press is a filter press installed with a mix of membrane plates and chamber plates. When high pressure water or compressed air is injected between the membranes, the membranes will expand and push against the filter cake, and squeeze residue water out of it. Membrane filter press can increase filtration efficiency and reduce cake moisture. 
Auto Chamber Filter Press
Chamber Filter Press is the type of filter press that uses only chamber filter plates, no membrane (diaphragm) squeezing plates. It relies on the pressure from the feeding pump to achieve filtration. This type of filter press presents the best filtration solution for noncompressible materials that can be easily filtrated, such as mineral concentrates, and for water treatment in sand washing plants, concrete stations, etc.. 
Hydraulic Filter Press
Automatic hydraulic plate closing and pressure maintaining, plates(filter cakes) has to be released manually. They are mainly for small capacities with limited plate number and sizes due to increasing labor cost and low efficiency.
Manual Jack Filter Press
Manual jack filter press ues a manual screw jack or manual hydraulic pump as plate closing system. it is simple,easy to operate, no motors and very economical in prices. usually used for small capacities with regular filtration area between 1m2 to 40m2.
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We are dedicated to designing & supplying of various filter presses, and providing total package solutions and turnkey services to solid-liquid separation &wastewater treatment projects. The factory was built in 2003 and is currently hiring 328 employees. Covering 250,000 square meters, it is one of the largest in the industry. Equipped with advanced facilities, testing equipment, top class R&D personnel, experienced workers, technicians and engineers, we are able to supply the best quality products to customers worldwide.

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Posted on Saturday, 07 October 2023
a New Russian client choosed our membrane filter press for their new chemical sludge treatment project. the machine will be shipped to Moscow via railway to save valuable time.
Posted on Wednesday, 06 September 2023
High Pressure Chamber Filter Presses are the most effective equipment in artificial sand making plant to recycle water from the sand washing process. Cake moisture can be reduced to below 25%, each wo...
Posted on Wednesday, 06 September 2023
20 sets of 1000m2 filter press XMZ1000/2000-40U installed in a 4,000t/d artificial sand making plant in Hunan to treat and recycle the waste water from the sand washing process.
Posted on Wednesday, 06 September 2023
A new Pakistan client choosed our filter press again after learning the excellent performance of our membrane filter presses in dry fractionation plants in Pakistan. This new filter press will have a ...